Self-publishing (r)evolution.

An old (& new) way to sell new (& old!) books...

Created for & by the people. Owned by & with the people.

Back in the day, it was quite common for independent authors to press a few books, post up outside the local grocery store, shopping mall... wherever the people were to sell books from the trunks of their cars. Outside of gas money, the cost of printing, and maybe a sign or two, revenue from sales of their books went directly into their pockets. To their families. And their communities...

Fast forward to today... Self-publishing has become a force of its own in the publishing world. Last year, self-published authors generated over a billion dollars in sales, while taking home less than a quarter of those dollars. And the exploitation stories don't end there. There's the one about digital returns... And the one about how in order to gain the highest return on your publication, you have to contract your right to sell elsewhere away... And we're sure there are more. All pretty much leaving authors with little choice. 

Until now.

With shopping centers becoming a thing of the past and gas prices what they are, we are looking in our rear view mirror, learning from those who came before us - applying it digitally. We believe this is how we, as a society, can (and must!) move beyond the current capitalist system that's been getting by on exploitation, oppression, and perceived lack of choice. Organizing cooperatively, we are reclaiming our power and redistributing publishing revenue to the people who create the industry... Authors. Readers. And those along for the ride.

All we'll need is a little gas money (minimal membership fees/amount of interest from sales) and for writers (and editors... and illustrators... and small print presses...) and readers to meet here, at As a cooperative organization, members are owners. All members. We offer tiered membership so everyone can participate to their ability, although paid membership comes with greater benefits - like dividends. For reader members, too. Whether paid or unpaid, every member has a say in how we do things - one member = one vote. And we will never, ever sell our cooperative to anyone for any amount (it's in the bylaws!).

Sounds like something you want to be a part of? Reach out for more information. We can always use a little help getting this thing on the road...

To the readers & writers of the world... we're on our way. Be there in like five minutes. 😉 

TOMC Cooperative Membership means:

Ownership of a business

Shared resources - access to workshops and knowledgebase offerings by other members

Community decision-making: one person, one vote

Participation in community events - readings, book clubs, e-signings

A platform to connect with readers & other writers